Five Valentine's Day DIY Activities

Five Valentine's Day DIY Activities

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A holiday is the perfect time to plan some DIY activities with your kids. It’s not just about the holiday but it’s about the bonding experience shared and the moments and memories that you get to make with your kids. You’ll look back on Valentine’s Day with memories of the fun activities that you did together and your kids will too. We’ve highlighted below a few DIY activities that we are planning with our kids and of course we’d love to hear from you on what you’ll be doing for Valentine’s Day. It’s a great holiday to teach your kids about love and caring for others. 

  • Make Heart Waffles 
  • Write Gratitudes on homemade cut out hearts
  • Cut out hearts! Valentine’s Day is such a fun time to cut out hearts especially if the kids are old enough. If not, or if you don’t want to do the cut out hearts you can buy the paper hearts already cut and write your gratitudes. You can write small gratitudes or just small messages on your hearts with your kids. 


  • Read Valentine’s Day Books 
  • Add some new books to your collection to share with your little one. Our favorite is Love from the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Babies Love Valentines is also a great one to share more about the celebration of Valentine’s Day. 

  • Baking Heart Cookies 
  • We love anything sweet! It’s always fun to bake with your kids and we love any chance we can get to bake so why not bake some sugar cookies. Grab the heart cookie cutter, cut out some hearts and frost the cookies with pink and red frosting. 


  • Wear Matching pajamas 
  • Grab your favorite Valentine’s Day jammies and take some photos with the fam! Share in those moments with your kids before they grow up. Take one more photo, share one more smile, you’ll look back and be so happy that you did. 

    We’re excited for the month of love and excited to share another holiday with our little ones. We’d love to hear what your favorite DIY Valentine’s Day activities are. Share them with us so we can plan some more activities!

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