The importance of Playing

The importance of Playing

Playing sports is so much more than just the sport itself. Of course sports are fun and being active is important but playing goes much deeper. Playing helps kids to gain self-esteem, helps them to build teamwork skills and it builds confidence. Sports will also help kids understand what it feels like to lose but also what you can do to improve for next time. Feeling what you feel when you win and feeling what you feel when you lose and understanding that you can celebrate a win and a loss. When playing sports, you will be faced with different challenges and it teaches you how to handle those challenges and they also teach you problem solving.  

Maybe your kids are not into sports and that’s ok too! The idea of playing doesn’t have to be playing sports; it can also be playing an instrument or jumping on the trampoline. There is still a learning curve. Playing an instrument can foster independent play and it can also foster teamwork if you are playing an instrument with other people. 

Playing is one of the most important activities for kids as it helps them develop many skills that  will continue to carry on for the rest of their lives. Play allows children to explore, use their imagination and get creative. Play will also help children to engage with the world around them, to help them get to know themselves better and help with brain development. 

Playing outdoors is so important. If you have the opportunity to play outdoors - play outdoors! Being outside has huge effects on children as they start to explore the world. It’s also important to ground yourself  - for your children to run around barefoot and to understand the world we live in. Removing screen time and getting back to the basics of playing and running around outside. Using time of play as a way to explore, learn, connect and build friendships. 

What do your kids love to play?

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