Our Values

Everything we do is done with lev--which means heart in Hebrew. It comes first in our name, and first on our list of priorities. We are a family company, with emphasis on the family.

Each morning we set out to be better than we were yesterday, and we're always dreaming about what we can do next. Our favorite thing to do is celebrate life's simplest moments, and we have found that creating clothing that truly sparks joy is always worth the effort.

We believe deeply in service and lending a helping hand. Whether it's serving our customers, our own kids, or the future, we want to help shape a world we're excited for our little ones to grow up in. Family is the reason we started Lev Baby, and it's at the core of what we do. And you are always welcome in our family.

Our Process

Whether it's your little ones’ face lighting up as they watch the cookies bake, seeing airplanes zoom across the sky together, or playing ball in the backyard, we think there should be a print for it all. That's why every single pattern at Lev Baby is carefully designed based on a holiday, a season, or a core memory. Here's how we do it.

After many collaborative brainstorms and mood boards, we finalize our newest design idea. That's when our Lev Baby artists hand-draw and meticulously watercolor the design elements. Only then do we upload the artwork to the computer and print our clothing. This means you will never find our patterns anywhere else.

They are wonderfully unique just like your little one!