Ideas on Creating some of the Best Moments with your Kids

Ideas on Creating some of the Best Moments with your Kids

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Days can go by fast and sometimes we all need a reminder of new and exciting ways to spend time with our children. Creating memories and moments can be simple, can be done at home and can also be the smallest of daily habits that you’ll look back on and remember the most. We highlighted a few ideas of ways to create some of the best moments with your kids and if you have a chance to snap a few photos and videos do it and if not that’s ok too - enjoy those moments. 

1. Schedule Time
Set an afternoon ritual with your kids once a week. Or it could be a morning ritual. The idea is to schedule the time and to stick to it. It could be an afternoon trip to your local ice cream shop or a family walk around the neighborhood. Setting a weekly outing with your kids can help create memories that will last a lifetime. This will  give your kids something to look forward to each week, and a time to catch up on conversations and weekly activities.

2. Let’s Get Creative
Be creative together. Art projects are a great way for you and your kids to get creative and connect. Pick a project, set up the necessary supplies, and get started!

3. Family Dinner
Making family dinner a routine can help create great conversations and moments together. It’s also really important for the little ones that are just starting to eat solids. Or even the toddlers who need a little help being less picky. Cooking together, eating together will foster a healthy relationship with food.

4. Go on a scavenger hunt
Set up a fun scavenger hunt in your backyard for your kids to complete. They will love finding each new clue, and it will provide some great outdoor time for the whole family. If you can’t go outdoors, no problem you can plan this indoors too.

5. Host a family game night
Nothing is more fun than playing games with the whole family. Select some of your family's favorite board games, grab some snacks, and start playing! This of course works better for the older kids. 

6. Bath Time
Bath time can be a great time to create some incredible moments and memories especially with the smaller kids. It’s a great opportunity for babies and kids to start to become comfortable in the water and it’s great sensory play. 

7. Travel
Although we all might not be able to book a trip, even a day trip is a great time to create new memories and special moments with your kids. 

There are endless ways to start new traditions, new routines and new moments with your kids. The most important thing is to be consistent about creating those moments and to keep it interesting with only 1040 Sundays from when your baby is born until they turn 20, it’s important to maximize the time together.


We are always looking for new ideas and would love for you to share with us some of the ways you create moments with your kids.

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