The Value of Family Matching

The Value of Family Matching

Most of us think of family matching as something that you do during the holidays and at Christmas. But why is that? Why is family matching a holiday specific activity? Family matching goes far beyond just a holiday; it provides a sense of identity and belonging and that’s something to celebrate all year-round with your family. 

A sports team has team colors, logos and uniforms that are all matching - you feel like you are part of a movement and a part of something when wearing that team uniform. Whether you are on the team or you are just a spectator there is a sense of comradery and a positive feeling around it. Family matching gives you that same feeling.  When you are dressed the same, there is a feeling of comradery, a bond being formed and, most definitely, a sense of belonging.

We believe family matching goes beyond the picture; it’s  about creating the memory and the moment, perhaps even creating a tradition that is something your children will not only remember but also have a connection to. Children want to feel close to their parents and want to feel a connection to their siblings and family matching is a way to create those feelings for them. Cooking a Saturday pancake breakfast together while family matching is an experience that you are sharing.  But, the deeper connection with family matching is it inspires positivity and joy.

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Family matching is similar to a tradition.  It is something that families create to foster bonds. Traditions create positive experiences and help little ones to understand the importance of a family and that they belong in that family. Children find comfort and security in consistency and they find comfort in bonding with their parents. Add family matching consistently into your weekend plans or weeknight plans. It creates a ‘family-team’, a strong bond and leaves the entire family feeling positive, more connected than ever and it fosters a new sense of belonging.

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