Lev Baby is Celebrating One Year

Lev Baby is Celebrating One Year

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We are so excited and grateful to be celebrating one year of Lev Baby!  We have taken this moment to look back on the past year, the exciting moments, all of the ups and downs, challenges and memories.  We have grown, learned, laughed, cried and more!   We created a beautiful community whom are supportive and loving to our brand and products.  We couldn’t be more grateful and humbled by you.

This first year of Lev Baby has been similar to that of a baby’s first year of life and the change a new baby brings.

The first birthday celebration is a celebration of life!  Yes, you made it to one year! Yes, your baby is flourishing!  Yes, you can do this!  The party is all about your baby and celebrating him/her, but it’s even more about the mama.  Mom is emotional, looking back on the first year, seeing accomplishments that both you as a new mom had and baby’s milestones.  How has time gone by so fast?   Take this first birthday celebration as a time to reflect on the memories and moments. 

The first week and month almost seem like a blur because life is so new and unfamiliar. You are adjusting to your new life and also a new baby who has just entered the world. You remember the long nights, all of the diaper changes (teeny tiny size 1 diapers!), the frequent trips to well visits at the doctor’s office and the sweetest baby cuddles and smells.  As your baby starts to get older, there are the major milestones that you remember and hold onto, like rolling over, sitting up, having that first taste of something other than milk, pulling themselves up, clapping, waving and, of course, walking (if they do in the first year). Those are milestones that make you feel so proud of your baby and the person that they are becoming. It’s not just the milestones that you will remember but the other moments too - the first belly laugh, the first day out on the town with your little one and just the day to day moments that maybe aren’t always considered big milestones. Some days can go by slowly and some days just fly by, typically no one remembers what time it is, or what day it is but eventually you realize that is definitely mom life. Watching how much happens in just one year is pretty incredible. Your baby completely changes and transforms from day 1 until day 365 and you, as the parent, have helped shape that journey more than you’ll ever know.  But, you’ve also changed your own journey and that is something to celebrate.   Slow down, capture moments and enjoy the journey.  Sure most days you’re drinking your coffee cold, or eating your baby’s leftover food but most of all you’ve met a love that you’ve never felt before and that love is one that is unconditional.

If you are wondering how it changes with multiples, the memories stay with you no matter how many kids you have. That first year is so different with each baby and the memories are all unique. Live in the moment because before you know it they will be turning 2 and then 22!

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