The Making of a Bestseller: Behind the Scenes of Our 'Honor' Print

The Making of a Bestseller: Behind the Scenes of Our 'Honor' Print

Hey, Lev Baby fam! Ever wonder what goes into creating one of our super-cute prints? Today, we’re giving you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how we dreamed up ‘Honor’, our irresistible firetruck and Dalmatian dog print that has been flying off the shelves.

A Classic With a Twist

We knew we wanted to dive into the classic territory – a firetruck. I mean, who doesn’t love those shiny red trucks, right? But here’s the thing: the world is filled with firetruck prints. We needed to put the Lev Baby spin on it. We wanted to create something that would make you go ‘Aww’ and be different enough to stand out in a crowd.

The Hunt for Perfect Elements

Our quest began with hunting for elements that would accompany the star of the show, our firetruck. We wanted it to tell a story. We dove into the treasure troves of the internet, explored the bestseller toys on Amazon, skimmed through children’s books, and movies.

And voila! A pattern started to emerge. There were a few elements that stood out – the firefighter's helmet, the classic fire cone, and of course, the fire hose. These elements found a spot on our mood board. But wait! Something was still missing. It needed that extra pinch of cuteness.

Adding the WOW Factor

What’s more adorable than animals? Pretty much nothing. And that’s when it hit us. We needed a furry friend to accompany our firetruck. When you think firetruck, what’s the first animal that pops into your head? A Dalmatian dog, of course! They’re practically synonymous with fire stations. It was the perfect match!

Watercolor Magic

With all elements in place, we handed over the reins to our uber-talented artist. Armed with watercolors, she brought our vision to life, painting the cutest firetruck and Dalmatian you’ve ever seen. The results? Absolutely fabulous!

Picking the Perfect Colors

The final step was choosing the colors for the print. We went with the timeless and bold combo of red and blue. It was a no-brainer really. This classic pairing captured the essence of the firetruck, while the adorable Dalmatian added just the right amount of Lev Baby magic.

Sold Out in a Flash!

The moment of truth arrived, and we launched the ‘Honor’ collection. Guess what? It sold out within two days! But that’s not all. We still get emails and messages on Instagram asking for restocks.

And that, our dear Lev Baby family, is the story of how ‘Honor’ came to be. It's a testimony to what happens when you let creativity flow and put a little heart into everything you do.

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes peeks, and keep rockin' those adorable prints!

Now that you’re armed with these nuggets of wisdom, let the creative juices flow. Can’t wait to see what you cook up for Lev Baby’s PJ Design ContestSubmit Now 🌟

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