Sweet Summertime: Ice Cream Inspired Crafts and Activities

Sweet Summertime: Ice Cream Inspired Crafts and Activities

The magic of summer is peeking just around the corner. The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter, and that means - yes, you guessed it - ice cream season is upon us! Nothing says 'summer' quite like the delicious, cooling pleasure of ice cream. But this year, we invite you to take your family's love for this sweet treat beyond your favorite scoop shop. Welcome to a summer filled with delightful ice cream inspired crafts and activities designed to create fun, frolicking memories!

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Decorate and Devour: The Ice Cream Sundae Challenge

In the heart of summertime, the kitchen transforms from just a place to prepare meals into an explosion of creativity. Gather your little artists around the table and get set for the Ice Cream Sundae Challenge! The rules are simple: everyone gets a bowl of ice cream, and the fun begins when you bring out a selection of toppings. Rainbow sprinkles, gooey hot fudge, chunks of fruit, crunchy nuts - the sky's the limit. The challenge? To create the most imaginative, mouthwatering sundae masterpiece. Not only will the kids love the decorating part, but the devouring will surely bring wide smiles and sticky fingers.

Flavor Exploration: An Ice Cream Tasting Adventure

Bring the excitement of an ice cream shop into your very own kitchen with a DIY Ice Cream Tasting Adventure. This activity is a fantastic way to keep the kids engaged and cool on a hot summer afternoon.

Collect a variety of ice cream flavors, ensuring you have classics like chocolate and vanilla, but also some out-of-the-box options like lavender, salted caramel, or even spicy chili chocolate. The more flavors you have, the more exciting the adventure will be. Arrange small servings of each flavor on a platter or individual plates and provide everyone with their own tasting spoon.

Let everyone taste each flavor, savoring the unique tastes.

You can even turn this into a guessing game, having the kids close their eyes and guess the flavor they are tasting. This activity will not only create delightful memories, but also provide an opportunity to explore new flavors and have fun discussions about everyone's favorites.

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Feathered Friends: Ice Cream Cone Bird Feeders

For a craft that brings the joy of ice cream outdoors, try creating an ice cream cone bird feeder. Just grab a few stale ice cream cones, fill them with birdseed, and hang them outside. Your kids will love getting their hands a little dirty and, as a bonus, they'll be doing something nice for your neighborhood birds! It's a fun way to teach them about nature, and a delightful sight when the birds start flocking to your homemade feeders.

Scooping up Memories: Ice Cream Eating Contest

Summer memories are often the ones that stay with us forever. So, why not start a family tradition that is bound to be remembered? An ice cream eating contest is the perfect way to get everyone laughing. Gather your family around, hand out the scoops, and see who can eat their ice cream the fastest without getting a brain freeze! It's not about who wins or loses; it's about the giggles, the mess, and the shared joy that will make this a cherished family memory.


So, as the days grow warmer, and the sweet call of the ice cream truck starts to echo through your neighborhood, remember - there are so many ways to enjoy ice cream, and not all of them have to melt away. Embrace this summer as an opportunity to create, play, laugh, and maybe get a little sticky. These ice cream inspired crafts and activities are about more than just beating the heat; they're about building memories that will last much longer

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