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From Sketch to Snuggle: The A to Z of Making Lev Baby Pajamas

What's up, Lev Baby fam? We're spilling the beans today! We know you've been curious about what goes into making those snuggly, soft pajamas that your kiddos can't get enough of. We’ve previously given you insights on coming up with pattern ideas and shared the BTS of one of our best-sellers. Well, today we're pulling back the curtain on the entire process – from a spark of an idea to your little one's cozy nights. Oh, and while you’re here, don’t forget about our PJ design contest. It’s your chance to see your ideas come to life! 

Step 1: The Print Magic

As we mentioned before, everything starts with the print (remember our previous blog?). After the mood board is finalized, our awesome designer hand-illustrates the designs. We shuffle things around, make tweaks, and once we’re happy with it, it’s time to pick a background color. We flip through the Pantone book and see how different backgrounds play with our print. It’s mind-blowing how a change in the background color can transform the whole look. And guess what? In the PJ design contest, we’ll ask the Lev Baby community to vote on the color! This means you'll have a say in making these jammies extra fabulous! 🎨💫

Step 2: Swatching

Next up, we need to see how our print looks on fabric. What you see on the screen can be quite different from how it turns out on the material. We send the design to our amazing manufacturer to print it on a swatch (a small piece of fabric). Our design team huddles around, scrutinizing every inch to make sure the colors are vibrant and everything looks just right.

Step 3: Naming and Choosing Products

Once we’ve nailed the fabric, we give our collection a name and decide which styles and products will feature this print. There’s always excitement in the air as we imagine how adorable your little ones will look in them. Note to our PJ design contest participants: Here’s a heart-warmer for you! If you win, you'll get the super-sweet opportunity to name the collection after your loved one. How awesome is that? 

Step 4: Sample Time!

Now we bulk print on our buttery soft bamboo fabric, and the manufacturer sends us samples. Oh boy, this is one of the happiest days – seeing the print in real PJ form is pure magic! While bulk production is happening (which takes about 60 days), we start preparing for the next steps.

Step 5: Sewing

Here’s where attention to detail comes in. Our talented seamstresses get to work, stitching every piece with love and care. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and every stitch is a testament to the dedication we put into our products.

Step 6: Photoshoot Prep

With the samples in hand, we get to work on prepping for a photoshoot. We buy props and collaborate with content creators to make sure we have gorgeous images ready for when the pajamas land in our warehouse.

Step 7: They’re Here!

When the pajamas finally arrive, our team is in full swing. We unload everything, organize it into bins, and get the product listings up. It’s a whirlwind of activity.

Step 8: Drop Day

And then, the big day arrives. Drop day! The pajamas are live, and we can’t wait for you to see them.

What follows is the best part – seeing your kiddos wearing Lev Baby PJs, cozy and happy. It's a long journey, but nothing beats the feeling of seeing our mission come to life: making clothes that make memories.

Thank you for being a part of the Lev Baby family. Keep the snuggles coming, and don't forget to submit your print ideas in our PJ design contest! Submit Now!

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