How to let your creativity run wild as you craft the winning print design+Real Example!

How to let your creativity run wild as you craft the winning print design+Real Example!

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Hey creative geniuses! Are you buzzing with excitement for Lev Baby’s first-ever Design-a-Dream Contest? We can hear the gears turning in your brain already! But wait, feeling a bit stuck? No worries! We're here to help you unleash that creativity and hatch fantastic print ideas that will make hearts melt.

It's All About the Kiddos and Their Grown-ups!

First things first: winning pajamas are the ones kids adore and grown-ups swoon over. Like, when the kiddos keep begging to wear them every night. You know the magic is real. Take, for example, our Honor print - firetrucks with Dalmatian dogs. Big hit! We get messages all the time about how it's kids' favorite. So how can you create such magical ideas?

Digging For Dino Ideas: A Real Example!

Alright, let's say you want to create an epic dinosaur print. Where to start? Start with the dino elements! How about hopping over to Amazon and checking the best-selling dino toys? You may stumble upon a gold mine of ideas, like dinosaur eggs - those are pretty popular!

Story Time! Dive Into Children’s Books

Another great source of inspiration is children’s books. Snuggle up with some and get lost in the whimsical worlds they create. See how illustrators play with themes and colors. You may find just the spark you need!

Fun Activities for the Win!

Think about the activities that kids love. Sports, movie nights, hiking, summer fun, or even building snowmen. How about a print that captures the spirit of these adventures?

Seasonal Vibes

Seasons bring a plethora of elements you can play with. Imagine summer - what comes to mind? Sunshine, ice creams, beach balls, or even ladybugs! A simple Google image search for summer themes could unlock a treasure chest of ideas.

Delish Food and Mother Nature

Kids love food! Well, some food, right? Think about a BBQ-themed print. For elements, you can search for BBQ gear, BBQ food, or even BBQ toys. Mix in some elements from nature and voila!

Hunt for Visual Inspirations

So, you’ve got ideas popping. Now, gather them visually. Check out image banks like Google images, Flickr, or even dive into the creative pools of Instagram hashtags. Gather all those lovely visuals.

Going Global

What's hot around the world? Sometimes global trends can inspire killer ideas. Be adventurous and explore what's happening in different cultures.

Bring It All Together

Now you have your elements, it's time to bring them to life. Create a mood board or collage with all the visuals and elements. Your phone’s gallery might have a collage feature or you can use Google Slides.

Colors and Balance

Remember, colors speak volumes! But also, sometimes less is more. Finding the right balance between the number of elements and the ones you choose is key. Don't overcrowd, let your design breathe. 

Visualize It on Pajamas

Lastly, imagine your print on pajamas. How do they look? Are they the jammies that kids would never want to take off? That’s what you’re aiming for!

Now that you’re armed with these nuggets of wisdom, let the creative juices flow. Can’t wait to see what you cook up for Lev Baby’s PJ Design Contest! Submit Now 🌟


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