Drumroll, Please: Announcing the Finalists of Lev Baby's Design-a-Dream Contest!

Drumroll, Please: Announcing the Finalists of Lev Baby's Design-a-Dream Contest!

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Hello, amazing Lev Baby family! First off, a huge thank you to each one of you who sent in your creative and super cute designs for our first-ever Design-a-Dream Contest. This past month has been full of your wonderful creativity, and we're so thankful for your passion and fun ideas.

After a lot of careful looking—because wow, you made it hard to pick—we're super excited to show off our finalists and their awesome collections

The Fab Five Finalists

Dreams Collection by Elizabeth Morera

Tuck your little ones into a dreamy night with Elizabeth's Dreams Collection. Picture a calm lullaby, cows jumping over the moon, and twinkling stars in the sky. It's all about bringing peaceful bedtime vibes.

Kaylee Parsons - "Dominic"

Who said bedtime routines can't be fun? Kaylee's "Dominic" collection brings the cuteness of teddy bears into the evening ritual. Picture your kiddos eagerly grabbing their toothbrushes and pillows, enchanted by the comforting presence of Dominic the Teddy and his bedtime book.

Jessica Walters - "Ellie Sue"

Why should adults have all the career fun? With Jessica's "Ellie Sue" collection, your children can explore a zoo of possibilities! From an astronaut giraffe to a ballerina elephant, these adorable animals are ready to inspire your little one's big dreams.

Awna Gilding - "Ezra"

If your family is all about outdoor adventures, you're going to fall in love with Awna's "Ezra Animal" collection. Imagine misty mountains, babbling streams, and wilderness creatures like deer and howling wolves. This is for the little explorers who find magic in the great outdoors.

Ashley Eaton - "Jackson"

Bon Appétit, little foodies! Ashley's "Jackson" collection is a mouthwatering medley of food trucks that will make mealtimes a blast. Tacos, ice cream, burgers—each truck is a new culinary adventure for your family to discover.

Cast Your Vote!

We could gush about these brilliant collections all day, but now it's your turn to have your say! Head over to our voting page to cast your vote for the print that warms your heart the most.

Closing Thoughts

What an incredible journey this has been! We can't wait to see which collection wins your hearts and finds a home in our upcoming range. Remember, your vote shapes the dreamy world your little ones will snuggle into. So don't forget to vote and stay tuned for the grand reveal!
Sending you all love, joy, and snuggly vibes.
Happy voting!
— Your Lev Baby Family

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