5 Ways to Teach Kids To Give Back

5 Ways to Teach Kids To Give Back

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Lev Baby is more than just a clothing brand. One of the most important core values to us is giving back. Our Lev Care program is our giveback program, where we donate our blankets to children that are having to do long term hospital stays. This is our way of being able to put an extra smile on their face, even during adversity and to create a special moment. We believe that every moment can be made into a moment of happiness and joy. 

As a company it’s important to give back but it’s also important to teach children to give back and to bring awareness to the importance of giving back and how to do it. 

  1. See a penny pick it up. We often think of seeing a penny and picking it up and adding it to your child’s own piggy bank, but here is a plot twist, add it to a separate ‘giveback’ piggy bank and once they reach a certain amount donate what is in that piggy bank. 
  2. Hand me downs, maybe your son or daughter grew out of some clothes or grew out of some toys, donate those items to your nearest Goodwill or pass them on to family and friends. Make sure your children understand that they will be in good hands with another family. 
  3. Hold the door for a stranger, this one is such a simple way to help someone out but the more you do these simple kind gestures the more you model that behavior for your children.
  4. Encouraging recycling and teaching your children the concept of how to recycle. This is great if you recycle at home you can explain to them what goes into the trash vs. recycle and what happens to the items when they are recycled.
  5. Clean up a park - kids love the park but why not take a few extra minutes to clean up and explain the importance of keeping public spaces clean and helping others that are enjoying the space.

It’s so important to be kind and as a parent you can show kindness every day just by doing small acts of kindness. Giving back is a way to see the world differently and to bring joy to someone’s face which in turn brings joy to your face. 

Get more details of how Lev Baby gives back and more about our Lev Care program here. It’s one small gesture that brings a smile and a moment of comfort during a time of need. If you know of a child who is doing a long hospital stay and would love a blanket, please reach out to support@levbaby.com.

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