5 ways to connect with Dad

5 ways to connect with Dad

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and we know you might be thinking about a gift for dad. Sometimes they tend to be the hardest to shop for. We loved the gift guide from Girlie Girl Army, some amazing gift ideas - including Lev Baby Dad Loungewear. But we believe that Father’s Day is not just a day to surprise dad with a new gift but it’s also a day to have the kids or as a family connect with him. Connection, creating memories and love are so important and let’s not forget about that on dad’s special day.

  1. Handprint Art: Handprint art is a fun way to get crafty and create something just for dad or have him join in on the fun. It would be fun to see how their hands grow every year and start making it a tradition.
  2. Visit a museum or the aquarium: spend the day out of the house and create some memories with an activity that maybe you’ve never done before. Watch the excitement in your little one’s eyes and the fun that dad will have seeing it too.
  3. A perfect activity for toddlers is to get a little bit wet! Help dad wash the car or spray water and play with the hose! It’s time to splash around and have some water fun.
  4. Dance party - turn up the music and have a dance party!
  5. Let’s go hiking - hiking is a perfect way to connect in nature and it’s perfect for all ages, walkers and kids that aren’t walking yet, just grab a carrier and off you go!

It's so important to take moments to slow down and what better way to bond with dad on Father's Day. We love to slowdown on Sundays and spend it with the family and this Sunday it's all about dad. Serve him his favorite breakfast in matching pajamas for the family and then spend the day letting dad share in special moments with the little ones.

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