5 ways to get your family into back to school mode

5 ways to get your family into back to school mode

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It’s always hard to start something new and go from lots of fun to being back into a strict routine. But we believe in taking the best summer memories into a fresh new start and a fresh new school routine. The transition may be challenging for your little babes but with a few tips and ways to help organize you and your kids it can help make the transition a little bit easier. It’s super important to create a positive and fun emotion around going back to school. Let’s get ready to make new friends, spend time with friends and create school memories.

    1. Back to school shopping! New backpacks and something new to wear can bring a lot of excitement to the idea of going back to school. You are creating a ritual, making memories and also getting your kids excited to get up and grab their new gear on the first day.
    2. Snack bins - an easy way to make grabbing snacks simple and easy. 
    3. A good nights sleep - it’s important to start going back to normal bedtime and wake times for when school is in session. Sleep is a critical component to brain health and learning. Just like adults, kids will benefit from a good night’s sleep.
    4. Goal setting - setting some goals this could be anything from academics to sports to just simply sharing and being kind in the classroom.
    5. Read books - it’s important to start getting into the school mindset. Reading, any summer assignments, workbooks, even science projects.
Set your little ones up for success from the night before with a good night’s rest in Lev Baby pajamas. Help ease their excitement and nerves the night before with an extra snuggle, a new bedtime story and the reassurance that going back to school is a fun and exciting time. Let's make some new school memories!

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