5 Halloween Party How-to's

5 Halloween Party How-to's

Spooky season is coming and what better way to enjoy it a little extra than to throw a Spooktacular party for your little ones. We listed out some great ideas and how-tos to throw an incredible party no matter what the age of your little babe is.

1. Pick a Theme

Having a Halloween theme is perfect for an older toddler and it really creates a lot more excitement. A princess theme for a little girl or a superhero theme for a little boy. You could also do a haunted house theme which is perfect for everyone. Or just keep it simple with a pumpkin theme.

2. Plan a Spooky Spread

Transform a simple pizza into a brain pie to create a more spooky theme. Hotdogs can be transformed into fingers in a bun. Hard Boiled eggs could be eyeballs and guacamole green slime. So many fun ways to turn classic favorites into a spookier version. Dessert is easy. You can bake spooky sweets including ghost cookies. 

3. Goodie Bags

Of course you can never go wrong with candy. You could also throw in some play spiders, small pumpkins, skeleton themed toys. Hit up the dollar store and grab some fun additions for the goodie bag.

4. Halloween Games and Crafts

Scavenger games are great to play with older kids. Trace hands and cut out some fun hands and decorate them with pumpkin faces. Use popsicle sticks to create a fun spider web There are so many festive games and crafts for all ages.  

5. Pumpkin Carving 

Pumpkin carving is so exciting and so much fun for young ones. If your little babe is too young for pumpkin carving, carve a pumpkin for them and let them still join in on the fun.

Halloween is for tricks and treats and partying! Throw a party pre trick-or-treating or post trick-or-treating or just find a fun day in October and go for it!  Of course we always love a good pajama party for the kids. Snatch up one of our limited-edition Halloween collections and be sure to spook everyone at the party.

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