5 Fun and Meaningful Activities to do with your toddlers this Memorial Day weekend


Most people refer to Memorial Day weekend as the unofficial start of summer. You think of watermelons, BBQ and the start of beach and lake season. But let’s not forget the reason why we have Memorial Day and even at a young age we can educate our children. We put together a list of 5 fun and meaningful activities to do with your toddlers that celebrate Memorial Day. 

    1. Reading Books - Books are always a great idea to educate our littles. We recommend Memorial Day by Emma Carlson Berne, which has some music with it. We also love L is for Liberty for the bold images and story. Teaching young kids about the history of the USA. And to help children understand being in the military, Hero Dad and Hero Mom are great books. 
    2. Watch a local parade - parades are always fun especially for children. If you can attend one live in-person that would be the best idea for kids to really feel the energy and excitement - if not, watching on TV can be fun too - toddlers always enjoy the music.
    3. Baking -  American flag sugar cookie cake - such a fun thing to make as you decorate the cake with strawberries for stripes and blueberries for stars. 
    4. Arts & Crafts, A popsicle stick flag - A super fun idea to keep the kids busy building a popsicle stick flag. Color each stick as the stripes and then add rhinestones as the stars. 
    5. Make a Star Sun-catcher - This easy and fun idea needs construction paper, tissue paper, pencil, ribbon, scissors and a hole punch. Patriotic and engaging plus it’s a fun activity to do at a low budget.


Of course we always love a family matching moment and encourage you to match with the family this holiday weekend. It’s always fun to bond over activities together and with the long weekend and some time available we always recommend spending quality time as a family. Some days and nights are long but never forget to cherish the moments and memories. 

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