5 Tips to be a Stronger Mom

5 Tips to be a Stronger Mom

This Mother's Day we want to celebrate the strength of a mother. It's the big things, it's the small things but most of all when you become a mom you challenge yourself in ways you never knew possible. We spoke with Tailynn Brost about what brings her the most joy. “What brings me the most joy as a mother is seeing my boys’ bond grow more & more each day. Watching them play together or even just snuggle brings my mama heart so much joy. When we got Aspen’s Down syndrome diagnosis, I was a bit worried about how my boys would get along or if they’d be close. They are obsessed with each other and it is just the sweetest thing.” What could have been the most challenging situation for her has turned into a blessing and a joy. She learned very quickly ways that she could become a stronger mom for not just herself but her boys too.

We put together a list of 5 tips that have helped us moms at Lev Baby become stronger. 

    1. Don’t compare yourself or your babies to others. We’ve all fallen in the comparison trap and it’s hard not to make that mistake. But it’s so important to live in the moment and cherish the moments you have with your little babe and be happy and comfortable with where you are.
    2. Take care of yourself. Fill your cup first, you can’t take care of others without caring for yourself first. 
    3. Celebrate the little things. It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all but it’s so important to celebrate the small milestones or just the day to day things. 
    4. Don’t set high expectations. You always want things to turn out a certain way or your baby or child to behave a certain way but sometimes it’s better to just stay neutral. Having high expectations leaves room for disappointment and you don’t want that.
    5. Do things that bring you joy. Whatever that is for you - do it. Surround yourself with joyful experiences or things that will help fuel you to be stronger. One day it could be sharing experiences and moments with your kids and the next it could be doing something for you. 

As moms we all have the strength in us, sometimes we just need a reminder. You’ve got this mama! Now go and enjoy your Mother’s day.

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