5 Things to do with your Kids on a Rainy Day

5 Things to do with your Kids on a Rainy Day

Rainy Days can be a lot easier than they look if you’ve got some activities lined up. We love the below activities, which don’t require a lot of prep or a lot of supplies. We also think your little ones will love them too. Staying at-home can be fun and you can create some fun memories together while doing it.

1. Coffee Filter Flowers 

- A super simple craft that you can do with your little babe. Simply take a few coffee filters and draw a circle with a marker, dip it in water and let the color soak. Once finished grab a glue gun and wooden sticks and glue two of them to the stick, you can play with the filter to create a flower effect. Voila flowers in full effect.

2. Put rain boots on and jump in the puddles

- Time to splash around! Kids are fascinated with jumping in the water and making a splash. Let them get dirty and have fun - we believe in creating those memories and cleaning up later. Pro-tip: Dress your little ones in Talia & Elijah and snap some pictures!         


3. Make binoculars with a toilet paper roll 

- Peeking through the binoculars is easy with a toilet paper roll. Grab two toilet paper rolls and decorate with string or markers, punch two holes into them and add a string to connect them. Grab Rory and pretend that you are on a safari.



4. Succulent Plant  

- Gardening is great for kids, get a plastic pot and some decorating accessories, paint brush, paint or markers and color or design on the pot. Once finished add soil mix and succulent plant. Top it off with some small pebbles to complete the plant.


5. Bake a fun treat 

- Baking can be healthy too, bake a yummy banana bread or blueberry muffins, add a sugar alternative or make them gluten free whatever works for your family, We love baking in our pajamas and of course we recommend family matching to really create a sense of teamwork and a bond. 



Checking the forecast for the next rainy day? We see you! Rainy days just became a great way to bond with your babe!

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