5 Halloween Crafts & Activities to do with your little ones this Spooky Season

Spooky season is in full effect. Have a bootiful one with some of these crafts and activities to keep your little babes busy and having fun.

1. Paint pumpkins. Maybe your kids are a little younger or you are not the carving pumpkin type, the perfect alternative is to paint pumpkins. Grab some smaller pumpkins, washable paint and you are good!
Painting with hands. It’s so fun to create pictures with little hands and feet.

2. Create a bat & use your LO’s hands to write BOO. So many fun ways to incorporate finger painting into the Halloween season.

3. Pine cones. A true fall staple on a pinetree, go out and collect pine cones. After that you can glue or tape on eyes, paper and so much more to turn the pine cone into a new friend and art project.

4. Paper plate witch. Paper plates are fun ways to do crafts. With this one you can cut a paper hat out and glue it onto the top of the plate and use some yarn to create hair and a mouth. Create a paper nose and glue it on along with some googly eyes and you have a cool witch perfect for the season!

5. Bake. Baking is always fun and we recommend baking some festive ghost, bat and pumpkin sugar cookies - all while wearing Reese - the perfect collection to capture baking memories.

Make this Halloween and fall season the most memorable with some of these crafts that will not only keep your kids busy but it’s great for them and it’s perfect for capturing memories. Throw on some Lev Baby matching jammies and you are comfy and cozy and cute.

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