How Do You Wear a Headwrap Headband? (And Why Are They Popular?)

How Do You Wear a Headwrap Headband? (And Why Are They Popular?)

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Hairstyle trends for babies have always come and gone, and right now, the style that’s taking the world by storm is the headwrap headband. 

There’s a perfectly good reason why this trend has gotten popular lately. For one thing, putting a headwrap headband on your baby doesn’t take a lot of time, and for another, they will look super cute and adorable. So, a cute look in less than thirty seconds? That’s a win-win situation. 

But how do you exactly put a headwrap headband on your baby? This post aims to assist you with this matter. 

How Should Your Baby Wear a Headwrap Headband? 

As of right now, one of the most popular kinds of headwraps for babies is the toddler bow headband. 

Toddler bow headwraps are a classic hairstyle, primarily because they make your baby look even more charming and lovely. 

When it comes to wearing a baby headwrap, here are some tips for you to follow.

Make Sure the Headband Is Soft and Stretchy

Before you go on styling your baby’s hair, you need to make sure that the headwrap you’ve chosen is made of a soft and stretchy material. This is because your baby’s head is delicate, so the accessories should be delicate as well.

Luckily, toddler headbands are usually nylon headbands, so they’re already stretchy. But to be safe, you should stretch the nylon before putting it on your baby. That way, it will become less tight. 

Make Sure the Headband Placement Is Correct

This may be something that you might be tempted to dismiss, but the reality is that the placement of the headband can actually make your baby’s look — or break it. 

The best placement for toddler bow headwraps is that the bow is placed slightly to the side of the head. You can choose either left or right, depending on where you want the bow to be or if there is a bald spot you want to cover up. 

Placing the bow on the top of the head is also okay, but frankly, it’s a hit or miss. It might make your baby’s look corny, instead of endearing, so if you really want to try out this style, do it only frequently — preferably during big celebrations, like birthdays and Halloween. 

Whatever the style, you just need to make sure that the band of the headwrap is behind the ear. That way, it’s less likely to slip off.

Use the Hair to Frame Your Baby’s Face

If your little one is blessed with a head full of hair, take advantage of that by styling the hair around the sides of their face.

That way, their face will be framed, and their hair accessory is also emphasized. 


Headwrap headbands are the current fashion look for babies, and they’re great because they make your little one look cute in no time. 

So, try this style out for yourself. You’ll love it. 

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