5 ways to spread holiday cheer with your kids

5 ways to spread holiday cheer with your kids

The holiday season is officially in full swing and we are so excited to share these special moments and memories with our children.

The holiday season is special for everyone but it's magical for kids and it's important to share in the joy with your kids but it's also important to spread that holiday cheer around.

We've listed out 5 fun ways to spread holiday cheer with your kids.

1. Bake Christmas cookies for Family & Friends: It's so fun to bake cookies with your kids (and messy!) What better way to spread the sweetness and cheer than sharing some freshly baked cookies with others.

2. Donate toys: Now is a great time to show kids the importance of donating toys. It's also a good time to go through some old toys that maybe you are not using anymore and now they can go to a new home.

3. Donate Food to a Food Drive: Food drives are always happening around the holidays and it's a great time to donate food items to those in need. Demonstrating kindness and how something small can go far.

4. Decorate the tree and house as a family. It's always nice to drive by a house and see the tree and house all lit up during the holidays. It's a simple way to bring a smile to someone's face.

5. Christmas cards or thank you notes: Sending out Christmas cards is definitely a great way to spread holiday cheer. But writing a simple thank you note to the mailman, package delivery service, local police and fire department. These notes go a long way.


Sometimes people can feel overwhelmed during the holidays but to kids there is so much excitement and happiness in the air, bringing that energy to your community. Sharing those special joyful moments and holiday cheer with others may just brighten up someone's day.



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