3 Valentine's Day Arts & Crafts to try with your Kids

3 Valentine's Day Arts & Crafts to try with your Kids

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As the end of January comes to an end we are getting excited about the month of February and Valentine's Day. This upcoming weekend is definitely a great time to start working on some Valentine's Day crafts to hang up in the house. Arts and crafts are such a fun way to create memories with your little one and to strengthen the bond that you two share. Following along as we share some of our favorite arts and crafts. 

1. Fingerprint heart card. Cut out a template of a heart and let your little one stamp their fingerprint in red and pink all over the heart! You could even add a photo of them in the middle for an extra touch to send to a loved one.

2. Tissue paper wreath. Cut up some pieces of tissue paper and a large circle.  Grab a glue stick which you may want to help your little one with. Let them add the tissue paper to the glue and create a pink and red wreath to hang in the house.

3. Heart stamps. Use a stencil to cut out a heart and grab a stamper. Let your little one stamp away on the heart cut out. Stamps are pretty easy and not as messy so this one is perfect for a wide range of ages. Create a few of them and string them together. 

Sometimes it feels like the days go slow in the winter, yet we look back and it flew by in a blink of an eye. We always believe in creating memories at Lev Baby so what are you waiting for, put on your favorite Valentine's Day pajamas, get cozy and dive into an afternoon of crafts with your sweet babes!  

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