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Our Prediction: Imagine What Hilary Duff Might Choose from Lev Baby for Baby #4!

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Hey everyone! So, today at the office, we totally geeked out over some fun baby news—Hilary Duff is almost ready to welcome baby number four! It got us all wondering, if Hilary were to browse through Lev Baby, what adorable picks would she scoop up for her little one? Let’s dive into some super cute suggestions that I think would be just perfect for her growing family.

Cozy Welcomes: The Madi and Milo Collection

Imagine this: Hilary stepping out of the hospital, her new baby cuddled up in our super soft Madi or Milo collection. These pieces come in gentle blues and pinks with a lovely marble pattern, making them perfect for those first snuggly moments. Plus, they’ve got matching sets for the whole family—talk about a stylish family exit!

Blue Marble Bamboo Swaddle  

   Pink Marble Bamboo Swaddle 

Twirling Fun: Lev Baby Tutu Dress

We've all seen Hilary’s little Banks looking adorable in her tutu dresses. I bet Hilary would love to see her tiny newcomer in one of our bamboo tutu dresses too. They’re just right for twirling around or just being super comfy and cute at home

Simple and Sweet: Solid Rose and Sage Green

Hilary seems to keep things chic and simple, which is why our solid rose or sage green outfits would be a hit for quiet days. They’re all about making those everyday moments a bit more special, without fussing over what to wear.

Pink Rose Bamboo baby outfit 

Musical Days: Axel’s Collection

With a home that’s as lively as Hilary's, our Axel collection, with its adorable musical notes, would fit right in. It’s perfect for little ones who’ll grow up dancing and playing to the rhythm of their family's favorite songs.

Dreamy Adventures: Hanna’s Unicorn Collection

For Mae, nothing beats the magic of, unicorns right? Our Hanna collection would be her dream come true, filled with unicorn prints that spark imagination and invite daydreams.

Unicorn Bamboo bubble romper

Unicorn Newborn Bamboo outfit 

Chatting about what Hilary Duff might choose from Lev Baby for her new baby has been such a blast! It's like imagining all the cozy, joyful moments that our comfy bamboo outfits could be a part of. Here’s to Hilary and her family making more beautiful memories, hopefully in some of our favorite picks!

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