Bamboo Fabrics: a Great Choice for Kids' Clothing

Bamboo Fabrics: a Great Choice for Kids' Clothing

Bamboo clothing has become increasingly popular. This is because bamboo clothing is extremely soft, making it great for baby and children's clothing, especially matching pajama sets, that are not just soft and cuddly, but great for those concerned about the environment. Based on the increased use and the number of designers clamoring for bamboo fabrics for their newest designs, we anticipate seeing more and more types of bamboo clothing hitting the market.

The Benefits of Using Bamboo Fabrics:

There are numerous benefits to using bamboo fabric. Here are just some of the reasons why designers are clamoring for bamboo.

  • Bamboo fabric is very high quality. It is absorbent, breathable, and soft. It is also luxurious and functional when used in clothing.
  • It is hygienic because it is resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria. It is also Hypo-Allergenic and resistant to absorbing smells and odors.
  • Easy to care for. Bamboo fabric may become your favorite after hearing that it is also wrinkle resistant. It can be washed in cool water in your home washing machine.
  • The fabric holds its color. Bamboo can easily be dyed with organic and natural dyes, producing beautiful, colorfast fabrics.
  • It is also environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a renewable resource. Bamboo is resistant to insects, so pesticides and other fungicides commonly are used while it is growing. It is a very fast-growing grass Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth. It can grow up to 60 feet in 90 days.
  • Good for those that suffer from allergies. Bamboo clothing has an antibacterial bio-agent called Kun, it is good for those that suffer from allergies, sinus problems, and other respiratory ailments.

Bamboo Becoming the Fabric of Choice for Baby, Toddler and Children Clothes:

Bamboo fabric has been used outside the U.S. for many years. It has just taken North America longer to jump on the fabric bandwagon than other regions outside the U.S.

One of the main targets for bamboo clothing has been baby, toddler, and children’s clothes. In part, because they are so soft and are easy to care for. As we know, baby and youngsters' clothing tends to be washed more frequently than adult clothing, and bamboo can stand up to constant washing and still be colorfast and look great. Some of the clothing we are seeing now on the market for children of all ages include:

  • Baby pajamas
  • Bamboo baby blankets
  • Baby clothes of all sorts
  • Gender neutral baby clothes
  • Baby romper
  • Matching sibling pajamas
  • Matching pajama sets

Even sports teams are choosing bamboo clothing because it is absorbent, breathable, and has moisture-wicking properties. It makes bamboo a favorite material for marathon runners, triathletes, and long-distance swimmers.

With so many benefits attributed to the use of bamboo for clothing, there is no doubt we will be seeing more products featuring bamboo, such as those manufactured by Lev Baby.

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