Showing we care with Lev Care

Lev Baby was created to help moms like you create special moments of connection with their little ones.  From the everyday joys and laughter to the longer and harder days.  Every child needs love and comfort and compassion to grow - a community of caring people who are on their side, people who will go out of their way to help, people who are ready to step up. We are ready.
Introducing Lev Care, our new giveback program. Because when we stand together, we grow together.

Why Lev Care?

We want to be there throughout every memory, the fun and momentous memories but also the harder ones, when your little one needs strength, positivity and comfort. Lev Care is an initiative to be just that.  We want to provide comfort and and compassion to those who need a little pick-me-up, who are going through a rough time with their health.  We want to bring some joy to those long hospital stays, some positivity to those going through treatments, and overall bring a big smile to their face.  Lev Baby isn't just a clothing company, but a brand with compassion and belief that every moment can be made into a moment of happiness and joy.

Why LevCare?

Someone once said that when a child is born, so is the mother.
What a beautiful sentiment – and one which most of us would agree.
We certainly do.
After all, Lev Baby was created to help moms like you create special moments of connection with their newborns and toddlers.
We understand that clothes aren't just something your little one wears.
They're a statement to the world, a look-at-me opportunity to show off your confidence, your style.
That's why at Lev Baby we don't just make clothes, we make clothes that make memories.

How Lev Care works

As parents, we are part of an exclusive club.

Only we know the joys of the giggles and gurgles a newborn makes snuggled in our arms. Only we appreciate the unexplainable wonder we feel when we watch our toddlers play and grow. And only we know without a second’s hesitation that there is nothing in the world we wouldn’t do to keep them safe and warm and happy.

Yes, we are an exclusive club. But we are also an inclusive club.

So, if someone you know – whether already part of the Lev Baby community or otherwise – has a child that has extended hospital stays, reach out and let us know.

We will send them (free of charge, of course) a care package, featuring one of our soft-as-baby-skin blankets and a heartfelt and handwritten note.

As parents, we are all part of a beautiful, sprawling, diverse, messy, nurturing, loving family – and family helps family.

Why Lev Care matters

Let’s be honest, we all have our struggles with parenthood.
Especially if we’re first-time parents.

We worry about just about everything. We fret whether we’re doing things the right way – or even if there is a right way. Knowing that there are people out there looking out for us, people who understand what we’re going through, couldn’t be more important.

While the gift of a warm bamboo blanket is wonderful by itself, it is the spirit of love and togetherness behind it that is the true gift.

Reach out and make someone's day

If you know someone who could use some Lev Care, drop us a line.